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Located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Goa is the most popular beach destinations for tourists across the world. Its beaches draw numerous tourists from every corner of the globe to spend their holidays. As Goa houses a lot of beaches so, it becomes hard for a visitor to select one. For your handiness, this write up has mentioned below the five most popular beaches which attract numerous visitors.

1. Vagator Beach – The big black rocks at Vagator Beach definitely impress you, if its red color does nothing. One of the most popular Goa beaches, it is the favorite place for partying in both Indian and western. Hippies and heavy metal junkies, a common sight, has surrounded this beach. Eating delicious foods at resorts and drinks at pubs & bars are very common here and it would add joy to your holiday in Goa.

2. Patnem Beach – Located in South Goa, Pantem Beach is just away of 10 minute walk from Paolem Beach and is a very pleasant place to spend some time with family members and friends. Lesser busy, it has a very lively atmosphere. The lovely curved bay makes it the best place for bathing near a sea. Further, it has lovely and well-equipped huts that are enough to make your Goa holiday enjoyable.

3. Sinquerim Beach – Just 16 kms away from Panaji, Sinquerim Beach is one which is included in Goa tour for water spots. Ideal for swimming, it houses several water spots. It is the place where you can do parasail, snorkel, scuba-dive, jetski or just a beach bum. Having lesser crowd, this is the place where you will have more privacy and encourage you to indulge in romance with your spouse. It may be that you can have accommodation problem but planning in advance can escape you from this.

4. Velsao Beach – Closer to Hollant and Bogmalo beaches, it is situated in the southern part of Goa and is lesser crowded. This is the beach for the tourists who want to spend peaceful holiday in their trip to Goa. Here, you can have a relaxing swim, a peaceful walk and enlightening visits such Velsao chapels and Our Lady of Cure.

5. Majorda Beach – Smallest in stretch in comparison with other beaches in Goa, it is the most crowded beach in the southern part of the state. 5 kms drive from the North Colva, you will have delectable aroma of the best bakeries. Include this in your Goa holiday to test the best bakeries of Goa. It is the place where Lord Rama was brought up after being kidnapped.

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