Are you eager to have toned arms and shoulders? Do you want to flaunt your arms in sleeveless clothing for a sexy image? Do you like to get rid of jiggle arms and shoulders? If your answer is ‘yes’ to all the above questions, your search ends here. In the series of health and fitness articles, this write up has included four exercises that can help you in having toned & sexy arms and shoulders. Start taking the below mentioned exercises:

1. Overhead press

Stand up with your feet and take dumbbells in your hands. Push up the dumbbells over your hands and push down them up to your shoulder level. Repeat the session till you get tired. It will be a good and effective workout for your upper arms and shoulders.

2. Pull ups and pull downs

You require a bar for pull ups and pull down. Hang the strong bar with the support of two poles. Hold the hanged bar in your palms and pull your body up to the chest. Stay in this position for a few seconds and push your body down. Repeat the entire session as many times as you can do. It will strengthen the muscles of your arms, shoulders and chest while working on the entire body.

Sit down and hold a bar a little higher to your shoulders. Bring the bar down to your chest, hold for a few seconds and push it up again. Repeat the entire session as many times as you can do.

3. Bent over rows Bow your knees slightly down. Hold dumbbells at your knee level and pull your arms back by bending it at the elbows and extend it. Repeat the session till you get tired.

All the above mentioned exercises are to be performed at a gym. You can take these exercises at your home, if you have all the equipments. Whether you take these exercises at home or at gym, keep it continue till your arms and shoulder get toned.

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