Undoubtedly Kashmir is the Heaven of the Earth. It has natural beautiful scenery, snow packed mountains & peaks, numerous religious places, national parks, lakes, trekking spots, waterfalls, etc that make the citizens of this world to visit this place. The tourists who visit Kashmir have unforgettable memory and enjoy their holiday here. As the city has everything to draw the visitors’ attention so, it becomes hard to select or include the places to visit or the activities to do. If you have dream to have a Sikara ride on lakes of Kashmir, the article would be a great support for you as it is going to describe briefly most famous lakes of Kashmir.

Dal Lake – The Dal Lake is the 2nd largest and the most famous among the visitors of all across the world. This is 7.44 km long and 3.5 km width. This lake is called as the Jewel in the crown of Kashmir. It has got its own importance in commercial operations of the state Jammu & Kashmir. The tourists who are on their tour to Kashmir don’t forget to take a Sikara Ride on this lake. Having a Sikara Ride on the Dal Lake provides the opportunity to go very close to the nature and its beauty.

Manasbal Lake – The Manasbal Lake, located at the lower end of the Sind Valley, is laid between the foot of mountains Sopur and the river. It is a small lake having an elevated plateau on one side and the Aha-thung on the other side. Its clear water and depth attracts lot of tourists to visit it for enjoying pleasant atmosphere. Known for birds watching, the surroundings of this lake encourage the tourists on trip to Kashmir spend their entire holiday time here.

Wular Lake – In early summer, the Wular Lake attracts numerous tourists who are on their Kashmir tour. It is more than 12 miles in width in early summer so, it is the best time to have a close look on the beauty and natural surroundings. Here the weeds are very popular and thick. Its deepest part on the low hill is called Baba Shukr-ud-din lied on the northwest side.

Nagin Lake – It has been the center of attractions for foreign tourists for years. Often referred as a separate lake, it is actually the part of the most famous Dal Lake. It is bounded by Hari Parbat on the west and the Sankaracharya Hill (Takhat-e-Suleiman) on the south. Situated on the foot of the Zabarwan Hills, it is popular for willow and trees flank on its edges.

Gangbal Lake – The Gangbal Lake is around 2 km in length and from ½ to 1 km in width. The lake has been successful in drawing the attention of tourists and encourages them to include it in Kashmir trip. The availability of beautiful and large meadow draws the tourists’ attention and make them to spend their lots of time here during the tour.

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