Kathmandu, the national capital city of Nepal, houses several historical and archaeological buildings. These hold great importance to those visitors who has interest in history and eagerness to know the past. Visit the below mentioned 3 museums in your Kathmandu trip:

National Museum

Included in almost all Kathmandu tours, the National Museum gives you an opportunity to know the history of around 300 years. After entering the campus, you will come in front of the Judda Art Gallery. Here you will see the 1800 years old life statue of Jayavarma which was discovered in 1992 and the buffalo headed Sukhavara Samvara statue having 34 arms and 10 faces. Further, you can go to Buddhist Art Gallery having several Buddhist statues. Here you can find the depiction of Buddha’s birth. Going towards the north of the campus, you will see an attractive Rana-era Palace which has several blood thirsty weapons including katars (punch-daggers), personal kukris (daggers), khandas (hatchet swords) and tulwars (curved swords).

Patan Museum

Patan Museum, previously the accommodation of the Malla Kings, around Keshav Narayan Chowk has the finest religious art collections in Asia. Including it in your trip to Kathmandu will make you to know the past of this city very well. The collection includes a series of timber & brick rooms connected with narrow & steep stairways, hundreds of statues, votive objects and carvings. At the back of complex, you will be in front of Gallery H which houses fascinating photos of Patan reminding you the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century.

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