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You know it is very dangerous to do work out an empty stomach. In today’s world, most of the fitness trainers recommend taking a small meal before starting a workout. Here are some foods that you should take as your pre-workout foods:


Highly acknowledged as “nature’s powerhouse”, bananas produce you from carbs that make your workout ease. Enriched with potassium, this fruit helps you in your muscle repair.

Egg whites

Keep in mind that egg whites have calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins such as selenium and riboflavin. An egg white gives you around 5 grams of protein without any fat and it has slow release carbs.


Whether you are at work, a gym, run or walk, oats provide you with the best deliberate release of energy and keep you filled with energy. These are also rich in protein and fibre.

Coconut water

Being not regarded as solid food, coconut water is a superfood as it has potassium and electrolytes that help you stay fueled.

Dried fruit
Eager to have a great power-boosting snack, start taking half a cup of dry fruit every morning before going to the gym. As it is handy so you can easily carry it with you while travelling to the gym straight from office. Berries and nuts have simple carbs that give instant energy. Take a mix of high-fibre almonds, pistachios and raisins.

As an ancient grain, it is chock-full of proteins and carbs that support you feel full and energized throughout your workout session.

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