There are so many cooking tips and hacks that can save your time and money making the work more effortless, swift and healthy. Here we have mentioned 5 tips that can make your life way easier.

1. How to make stale bread crunchy and fresh.
If you have is a bread or baguette got somewhat stale, and you do not have sufficient time and energy to go to the store and get new one, simply soak it with some water and place it in the stove for 5-10 minutes. You may wrap it in a moist towel and afterward pop it in the stove. It will be crunchy and fresh as you simply heated it.

2. How to make poached eggs
To make poached eggs perfectly you have to keep the eggs within a constant shape when boiling them in water. An easy, trick to make sure that the egg whites retain a constant shape is to soak the eggs in white vinegar for quite a few minutes prior to breaking them open.

3. Peeling garlic in seconds
The hack for peeling garlic is simple as like as the hack for shucking corn. You will need two bowls of the same size. Put head of garlic in one of the bowls, and put the other bowl on top of it to make a closed container. Then shake the bowls. After a few moments, open the container and look inside. If you shake it sufficiently hard and sufficiently long, you will see a marvelous thing -all the skins will be isolated from the garlic cloves.

4. Grill fish on lemon slices.
Fish have a tendency to stick as well as break up when placed around the grill, but when you place it on top of lemon slices and grill it then it is going to be a lot easier to prepare, and it can get that good zesty flavor.

5. Use rice cooker for preparing pancake.

If you enjoy pancakes but do not like standing and wait over the stove minding them? Pancakes are palatable, but take long time in traditional preparation. When you have a rice cooker, You can do it easily. You can actually ignore everything fussing throughout the stove. Rice cooker is a multipurpose system. If you fill pancake batter inside cooker and view that a giant pancake is appearing inside it.

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