Only 3 days are left to celebrate Holi. I think you would have given a start to your Holi celebration arrangements from dishes to colours and gulals. On the D Day, I am sure most of you will dance to the song of Rang Barse in Amitabh’s voice. After playing Holi, it is sure you will love to taste delicacies. Here are 7 Holi dishes that you can take:


Synonymous to Holi, Gujiya is made of using maida and there is a careful filling of dried fruits and delightful khoya. Fried in pure ghee and soaked in sugar syrup, the sweet dumplings are great to taste and let others have.


You can have hunger pangs after playing with colours the whole day and this can drive you crazy. With having these sugar dripping malpuas on the table, you will be very happy. Your celebration will be double after having such a sweet delicacy.


Known as Nimkis, Namakpare is one of the most preferred and frequent used munchies. People like to have it with a glass of Thandai while playing with colours, as no one wants to wait for hours for having the main meal. Take fistfuls of these diamond-shaped salted munchies into your mouths. Wash them all down by having a glass of Thandai.

Bhang Pakora

I think you would never like to miss hot Bhang Pakora to get a tipsy feel in your Holi celebration. Unlike the beverage made using bhang, Bhang Pakora is not a strong intoxicant. It is a great munching option that you like to pair with Thandai.

Coconut Laddoo

You can use varied ways to make coconut laddoo. For this, you can use jiggery, condensed milk or khoya to mix with the grated coconut. You can also use dried coconut and sugar syrup to make laddus. It is a must try Holi recipe.

Bhang Thandai

Among all Holi dishes, Bhang Thandai has special importance among people especially living in villages. This simple looking drink is enriched with the goodness of dry fruits, milk and spices. Escalate the spirit of your Holi celebration and let the Bhang flow, as the temperature rises.

Baked Karanji

Do you want to have healthy Holi dishes? Baked Karanji is right for you. Instead of deep frying, bake it in the oven. It is an easy recipe that you can prepare in minutes and serve with tea anytime, as it has a longer shelf life.

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