A few years ago, I was sitting in my courtyard. I was looking at the sky and I got back to my childhood. My mind made me to recall the time when I was around one year old. That was the period when I never got tired. I always played lying on the bed or in someone’s lap. I cried only when I felt hunger. Gradually I grew old and I started neglecting physical activities and good food especially in my college life. And as a result, my health went down and my body became thin. As I was determined to make my career bright so I didn’t pay enough attention towards my health.

There was a time when I completed my education and started my career as a copywriter. It was 2012, when I started to focus on my health as I wanted to have sound health. I wanted to stay young and active as I was in my childhood. I conducted an in-depth search over the Internet and tried to get information on tips for staying young and healthy. I got the tips and started to follow them in my daily life. I have improved my health and I am healthy most of the time. Here are few tips that I followed in improving my health and staying young:

At first, you need to leave your thought of living a comfortable life. Yes, you have to be physically active. Go for a walk of at least 30 minutes in the morning or evening if you don’t want to take exercise of high intensity. If you want to maintain your body weight, you need to have a physical trainer or join a gym. Go to a gym in your locality on a regular basis and burn your calories.

Take proper care of your diet. Your balanced diet will help you a lot in staying young, healthy and fit. You should take the food that has all nutritional elements like carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Take your breakfast, lunch or dinner when you feel hunger. Try not to eat much in a single time. Take small quantity of meal three to four times a day.

Set your mind. Always feel that you are very young. Keep it in your mind that you were young, you are young, and you’ll stay young. Believe me this thinking will bring a significant change in your mind & body and help you in staying young —- —- younger for a longer period in your life.

Be positive and stay positive. Try not to let your mind get affected from negativity or negative thoughts. If you fall ill ever, think you’ll recover soon.

Indulge in regular sexual intercourse. If you have a spouse, love him or her and make physical intimacy on a regular basis. You know having sexual relation is also a form of exercise. It makes your body active during the intimacy time and your blood circulation gets increased.

Keep smiling. Yes, laughing makes you feel light and happy. Science has also proven that laughing helps one in getting cured from his illness. So, smile whenever you have good feel. Watch funny TV programs and listen to jokes to stay happy.

Do meditation or yoga poses. You know doing meditation helps you having a control on your mind. It increases your concentration and helps you in staying young mentally. I am sure you will stay young when you will get a sound mind.

By Amit Kumar

Amit loves reading and writing a lot. In addition, he likes guiding people through his blog writing. Backed by more than 10 years of experience in content writing and editing, he can write articles, blogs, website content, guest posts, product descriptions, user manuals, etc. He is skilled in writing content pieces on health & fitness, foods, fashion, beauty, technology, travel, career, marketing, and such more. Get in touch with him at amit.kr.raushan@gmail.com.

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  1. I know the writer well and so I request the readers to apply the mentioned tips as they are very effective. Get started to stay young

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