Tue. May 17th, 2022

In today’s world, yoga offers amazing results to the persons who practice it rightly and regularly. As a yoga practitioner, it is important for you to learn how to do the right postures with alignment and proper form. You need to practice yoga for a longer period to get benefited from it. Here are 5 common mistakes that you should never make.

Being Shy

Being shy or too shy is wrong for you if you want to get benefited from yoga. Keep in mind that you are investing your time, money and effort and so you must reach the class a little earlier to get more from it. Talk to your teacher without any hesitation and get answers of all your queries. Inform your instructor that you are a beginner.

Not wearing the right clothes

Most of you wear loose and baggy clothes to hide your extra pounds during yoga practices. It is very wrong. You should wear form-fitting clothes so that you can feel comfortable while practicing your yoga positions.

Taking wrong classes

Like everything, yoga holds several levels. It is worthless for you to join advanced level yoga courses when you don’t know its ABC. Through it, you will hurt yourself. It is like diving in a sea without having knowledge about how to swim. At first, join the basic class and go ahead step by step to get more benefits of yoga.

Not taking proper care of stomach

It is completely wrong to go to yoga classes with an empty or full stomach. Full or empty stomach is bad and you will feel uncomfortable during your yoga practices. The best is to take a fruit like banana or a toast that keep you energized without making you feel heavy or empty.

Not being secure

Keep in mind that no one will judge you in your class. Doing yoga is a practice and you can be perfect slowly by your continuous practice. Through your practices, you will be able to connect your mind, body and soul gradually. It will take time and it never starts from the day one. So, take your own time, breathe conveniently and follow your breath.

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