There are many ways to get relief from stress and anxiety. But all of them are not so effective, not so quick and long-lasting. Pressure points in our body can deal with stress very effectively. If the points are correctly identified and pressed that can trigger various effects in our bodies and minds; can stimulate the body’s natural healing and self-curative abilities.
At the point when anxiety creeps into our life, a couple of taps on the key pressure points in our body, brings in calm and quietness, oust stress and anxiety. Here we specified 10 points in our body, pressing where we can get rid off from a wide range of anxiety.
1. Scalp
The Scalp is loaded with several pressure points that can successfully and discretely decrease stress levels. You can sit at your office work area, recline and utilize two fingers to knead the point where the neck meets the skull for around 20 seconds. A great part of the anxiety we massed throughout the day gathers in the shoulders and neck muscles, and applying weight to this point can mitigate quite a much of it.
2. Ear
This pressure point is known as the Spirit Gate, and some specialists claim it is the best stress alleviating point in the body. In reflexology, it is additionally used to diminish pain and agony all through the body. It is prescribed that you rub this spot with a cotton bud or even a pen, and to take profound, moderate breaths at the time of massage.
3. Chest
Anxiety can make us absent-minded to inhale, or take shallow breaths. This point decreases the anxiety that collects in your chest, while reminding you to inhale normally once more. Utilize three fingers to massage this point, or one finger to tap with rhythm on the territory while taking full breaths. If you encounter long-lasting anxiety, also massage this point with the point between your eyebrows. The association between these two brings calm and quietness in the sensory system.
4. Stomach
Numerous reflexologists like to utilize this point as it moves and makes free diaphragm and chest area and enhances the respiration process. Patients who intuitively have this treatment take breaths more deeply and feel a relief or sensation.
5. Fore arm
This is a great spot for reflexology and needle therapy. Anxiety and uneasiness reverse energy flow in the body, which is expected to repair through this spot. It helps your vitality to move in the right way while supporting your mental attention and lessening stress.
6. Palm
The minute you push on this spot, you will feel your anxiety dissipating. It is situated on a standout amongst the most essential meridians (a vitality channel), which influences the liver, heart and pancreas. It is trusted that a significant part of the anxiety we experience is put away in the liver, so pressing on this point is highly viable. It is additionally an extraordinary spot for treating stomachaches, headaches, heartburn, indigestion and a sleeping disorder – all of which could be side effects of anxiety.
7. Neck
If you are suffering from spinal pains because of anxiety, utilize the neck pressure point to get relief from anxiety and help you better feeling. Utilize your left hand, take it behind your neck, and place your fingers on the zone under your right ear. While holding the position, press the range behind your right knee with your right hand. Release your hand after holding it for 20 seconds. Then do it again on the opposite side of your body.

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