In today’s world, most of us have a very busy life ad this has enforced us to take freshly cooked ready-to-eat or processed food items instead of preparing meals at home. Due to very busy schedule, we avoid exercising. This lifestyle has made you have excess body weight and several health issues/problems, including diabetes.

You may be a diabetic due to genetic reason, but lifestyle factors are the main reason to be blamed today. There is good news that you can keep your blood sugar levels under check. Here are some ways to lower your blood sugar levels:

Reduce your intake of carbohydrates

The diet rich in carbohydrates boost the blood level in your body. It happens, as the carbohydrates, you take in your diet get broken into sugar during the digestion process. Reduce your carbohydrate intake when you notice your blood sugar level is going up. Start taking fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruits that are healthy carbohydrates.

Stick to fibre

You know the diet with high fibre slows down the sugar absorption. In addition, this helps indigestion. Ensure that you take 25 grams fibres if you are women and 38 grams if you are men. Include legumes, beans, oats and barley in your diet for your fibre intake.

Take exercise daily

Start exercising daily for at least 30 minutes if you are serious to lower your blood sugar levels. Exercising helps you improve your insulin sensitivity and aids weight loss. The exercises of mild intensity like jogging, walking, cycling, dancing and swimming can help you lower your blood sugar levels from the high one.

Avoid skipping meals

Always keep in mind that skipping meals especially breakfast can boost your blood sugar levels. Apart from spiking blood sugar levels, skipping meals leads overeating that can cause weight gain or low blood sugar. Therefore, try not to skip your meals.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

For this, keep yourself away from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and chewing tobacco. Smoking and drinking encourage insulin resistance and this makes it hard for you keep your blood sugar levels under your check.

Manage stress

When you are stressed, your brain releases more stress hormones such as cortiso that causes an increase in your blood sugar level. Avoid being stressed if you want to control your blood sugar level. To manage your stress, you can meditate for 10-20 minutes a day.

Sleep well

Having a sound sleep is essential to keep your blood sugar level under check. It is not essential to have a sleep of 6-8 hours. You should sleep for hours that can make you feel fresh after leaving the bed. To have sound sleep, switch off the light and keep electronic gadgets away 20 minutes before you go to sleep.

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