Often referred as A City of Greenery, Singapore has enough trees and flowers that are spread in every corner of this island. As a lover of nature, you can go through the nature reserves to have a view of flora & fauna and enjoy picnics with your near & dear one in the lawns of Singapore numerous gardens as well as parks. For your convenience, I am going to mention most popular gardens and nature reserves below. Have a look.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you are a strong nature lover, include Singapore Botanic Gardens in your tour. The Garden opens its doors at 5 in the morning for joggers, persons practicing their tai-chi moves and dog-walkers. Walking along the meandering path, you can reach to the National Orchid Garden which has 60 000 plants including 44 heritage trees. This colourful garden has 3000 species of plants that can be a good feast for your eyes. On the way to coming out of the Garden, you can taste traditional breakfast of toast having coconut jam and soft-boiled eggs.

Chinese Garden

Designed & constructed by Taiwanese architect Yuen-Chen You, the Chinese Garden gives you feel the spirit of ancient China and northern Chinese imperial style of architecture and landscaping. It is built to be in harmony of natural atmosphere and walking along the footpaths, you will experience a calmness among gentle stream, woven plants and rocks. This Garden is well-connected with the Japanese Garden through the “White Rainbow Bridge” or “Pai Hung Ch’iao” which is constructed in the style of 17-Arch Bridge at the Beijing’ Summer Palace.

Gardens by the Bay

Spread over 101 hectares land, the Gardens by the Bay is the place to sleep in the lap of nature. It is the garden you wouldn’t forget to include in your Singapore trip. Just 5 minute walk away from the city, it houses more than 380 thousand plants in its three spaces, namely Bay South, Bay Central and Bay East. Visiting all three spaces, you will have a stunning view of tropical palms, lush lawns, pretty pavilions, skyline, natural blossoms and the Marina Bay.

Fort Canning Park

Widely known as ‘Forbidden Hill’, the Fort Canning Park has a historical importance and was the seat for Malay Rulers in 1300s, a military base in World War 11 and a residence for colonial leaders. The park is a place for concerts and performance amid natural greenery. Here you can have a view of the Fort Gate – a remnant of the fortress built in the 1860s and the Keramat Iskander Syah (the sacred burial ground of a Malay ruler).

Labrador Nature Reserve

Including Labrador Nature Reserve in Singapore tour will give you an opportunity to have panoramic views of the sea and rocky cliff-side greenery. In this park, you can spot countless birds of rare species such as Rufous Woodpecker, Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot and Abbott’s Babbler. You can listen to the songs sung by the Oriental Magpie-robins or Oriole and have a glimpse of squirrels.

In addition to the above mentioned, you can visit more parks and gardens like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Mount Faber, The Southern Ridges, Hort Park, MacRitchie Nature Trail, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, East Coast Park, Chek Jawa, Kranji Countryside and Bukit Batok Nature Park.

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