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Feeling unwell! Your pain is stopping you from your daily routine. Don’t get worried. I am going to mention 5 exercises here that will help you in getting rid of it and make you feel well.

Take a walk – Your backache is disturbing you a lot. Just put your sports shoes on and go for a morning or evening walk. The results of several studies show that walking reduces pain and boosts flexibility & muscles strength and quickens healing. According to a study, you can lower your back pain up to 50%. Walking is strengthens feel-good in you as it stimulates your brain to release endorphins and serotonin to make you mentally better. So, just make it a habit to have a 10-minute walk each day.

Water therapy – Working out in water is becoming very popular to get relief from varied pain. You can indulge yourself in water yoga or aerobics, aqua jogging or walking in water. These workouts reduce pain and take the pressure off from joints that lead to relief from pain.

Cycling – You can have arthritis if your body has previous injury. In this state, you feel swelling and inflammation in joints and sometimes it makes you restless. Through cycling, you can easily battle with your joints pain and painful knees. Get indulged in indoor or outdoor cycling. Just do paddling on stationary bike for a while on a regular basis to get rid of your restless pain. Cycling strengthens your buttocks, thighs and quadriceps and reduces pain by increasing mobility.

Tai chi – As a type of martial arts, it with its slow and controlled movements supports you in getting rid of pain. Whether you do a back stretch or twisting from one side to another, this helps you to get relaxed and calm. Through deep breathing, you can discard your negativity and lead to a well life.

Yoga – According to a study, you can get rid of your chronic neck pain through the practice of yoga for a period of two months. Regular yoga increases flexibility and lowers your body ache and neck pain. Do a particular yoga under a trainer for a particular pain and get rid of that.

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