Wed. May 25th, 2022

Almost all the parts of India have seen the temperature crossing 35 degree Celsius. At some places, it has crossed 40 degrees. Dr Sanjay Aggarwal at Fortis Hospital Noida says, “The sudden rise in temperature from normal to extremely hot can make a person sick due to exposure to bacteria. Additionally, it can weaken the immune system and make one more prone to germs. It is very common to see sudden changes in weather leading to fatigue, stress, skin irritation, loss of appetite and cough.”

It is clear here that you need to stay safe from Heat Wave. For this purpose, you can take several precautions like stay indoors, the use of sunscreen and use an umbrella while going out. Here are five essential steps that you must follow to beat the summer heat:

Take summer drinks

In summers, you should not wait for feeling thirsty. It can lead dehydration. Keep sipping water if you sweat frequently. Apart from water, you should intake nimbu pani (lemon water), aam panna (drink made using ripe mango), sharbat (syrup made using water, lemon and sugar) and buttermilk.

Take Vitamin C

In order to stay infection free, you need to improve your immune system. Take the foods rich in Vitamin C like oranges regularly. This makes your immunity strong to fight against weather-related illnesses.

Switch off the sources of heat

Luminous light bulbs cause the generation of unwanted heat. In addition, the appliances left running cause heat. Keep the appliances, light bulbs and computers off when they are not in use.

Stay away from alcohol and caffeine

Caffeine and alcohol cause dehydration in the body. Taking alcohol or caffeine in summers causes you to feel thirst more. Stay away from these in summers.

Take light meals

In summer, you must avoid taking heavy meals. Instead of having a larger meal, take small proportions of it three to four times. Whether it is your breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, keep it light.

I hope these five steps would help you stay away from the effects of the heat wave this summer.

By Amit Kumar

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