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Our eyes are very important for us. Without eyes, we cannot see this beautiful world. In order to maintain eyesight, our eye muscles need some care. We have observed that a large number of persons search ‘how to improve eyesight’ on the Internet. So, we have come up with exercises for eyesight in our series of health and fitness articles.

By taking care of your eye muscles, you can enhance your eyesight. Regular care of eyes can keep you away from the use of spectacles and lenses. So, go through the content and give just 5 minutes a day as per your convenience to keep your eyesight maintained or enhance your eyesight.

Eyewash – It is the most natural exercise for your eyes. Wash your eyes by splashing cool and fresh water. You can place an eye cup filled with water on your eyes. Blink your eyes more than ten times. In addition, you can soak your head with open eyes into a bucket filled with water. Keep your head soaked in the water for a few minutes and blink your eyes inside the bucket water. These eyewash exercises tone your eyes muscles.

Walking – Leave your bed before sunrise. Walk barefoot on grass. It works on your eyesight.

Sun Swinging – Stand keeping palms on your eyes in front of the sun or a light source and swing your body from one side to another. Do it at least for 5 minutes. This massages your eyeballs and your eyes get relaxed. As a result of regular swinging, you can have better eyesight.

Pendulum exercise – Hang a chain or a pendant. Shift your eye focus on moving chain from one side to another. It supports the lens focus and works on oblique muscles.

Read Snellen’s chart – Snellen’s chart has alphabet printed on. Read the alphabets by following a tracing path. It supports you to improve your central fixation on distant objects.

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