All of us love eating fresh fruits, don’t we? You know the fruits turn brown as we cut them and brown fruits are not appealing. We eat the fruits even after they turn brown instead of having a different taste. Want to stop the fruits turning brown! Here are five easy steps to prevent fruits from turning brown:

Give cut fruits a honey water bath

Giving a honey water bath is the best and most effective ways to prevent fruits from turning brown. Mix 2-tablespoon honey with a cup of water. Soak your cut fruits in this mixture for 30 seconds. With it, your cut fruits will remain fresh and bright for eight hours.

Soak the slices of cut fruits in salt water

Use this step to prevent cut fruits from turning brown. Mix a half-teaspoon salt with water in a big bowl. Soak your cut fruits like apples for two minutes.

Sprinkle ascorbic acid

Are you wondering what ascorbic acid is? It is Vitamin C in powder form. Mix the vitamin c powder with a bowl of water. As this powder easily gets dissolved in water, so soaking cut fruits in this mixture helps you save your cut fruits from turning brown.

Soak cut fruits in ginger ale

Give an end to your cut fruits turning brown with ginger ale. You know any citric acid works wonder and saves fruits from turning brown. Just soak your cut fruits in the ginger ale to prevent them from turning brown.

Cut the fruits in the running water

You know cutting the fruits in running water stops the oxidization and hence, your cut fruits get saved from turning brown.

By Amit Kumar

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