Kashmir, undoubtedly the Heaven of the Earth, has been drawing numerous tourists from each corner of the world. The tour to Kashmir reminds the attractive scenery of snow-packed peaks, deodar & pine trees, Dal Lake, orchids and loving people and the traditional culture. The valleys in Kashmir attract a lot of couples to indulge in romance due to its beautiful natural surroundings. The city has a large number of places that attract tourists to visit. This article has mentioned the 5 most famous places that are visited by most of tourists.

1. Dal Lake

Dal Lake, the most beautiful lake in India, is very famous for Sikara Ride. The lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has orchards and numerous blooming gardens on its banks. Further, the numerable channels and five basins well connected with one another are main features of this Lake. The lake is 6 km long and 3 km wide and houses several Mughal monuments along with the campus of Kashmir University. Besides these, the lake houses two temples namely Shankaracharya and Hari Parbat that are hillocks. The Dal Lake is divided into four parts – Bod Dal, Gargibal, Lokut Dal and Nagi. It, the 2nd largest lake in the state, is also very famous for fishing.

2. Drass

Located at the height of 3230 meters and 60 kilometers away from the west of Kargil, Drass is the 2nd coldest place of this world. It is a small township situated in the heart of the valley. Zojila Pass acts as the entrance point of the Drass Valley and is known as the Gateway to Laddakh. The Drass Valley is very popular for trekking and the trekking of this gives a wonderful view of meadows.

3. Shalimar Garden

Constructed by Emperor Jahangir for his wife Nur Jahan in 1616, the Shalimar Garden is the park which has been an attraction in tour to Kashmir. A second garden named as Faiz Baksh constructed by Shah Jahan between 1628 & 1658 was added to the Shalimar Garden. Spread over an area of 539m by 182 m, it is popularly known as the Garden of Love. The garden has four terraces and the fourth terrace is only for royal ladies. This terrace houses a tank, which has a black stone pavilion located in its middle and includes a light & sound show.

4. Dachigam National Park

Spread over an area of 141 square kilometers, the Dachigam National Park is just 22 km away from Sri Nagar. The park is a center of attraction for Hangul which is species of red beer. It is laid among steep wooded slopes, deep valleys, rolling alpine pastures and rocky outcrops. After the declaration as national park, it has been the abode of several rare species of wildlife. Some of wildlife include jungle cats, brown bear, musk deer, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are several other places that you can include in your Kashmir trip. You can visit places like Kheer Bhavani Temple, Charar-i-Sharief, Shiv Khori, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Betab Valley, Nishat Garden, Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden, Martand Sun Temple, Shankaracharya Temple, etc.

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