21 Ways to Find Happiness

I am sure you will come across telling you, be happy. However, you are not sure how you can, in fact, get that feeling. You know we can’t be happy all the time, as we have varied types of emotions. We can try to be happy more often. Want to know how to do it, here are 21 effective ways to find happiness:

Be grateful

You must have a gratitude attitude. Thank someone when he/she does something for you. Be grateful for the things you have and this can make you happy.

Know you

You know you can’t chase happiness. You have to know yourself. Buddha says, There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path. Therefore, stop chasing happiness and be happy what you are and try to make improvements in yourself.

Be the light for others

Being happy does not only make you feel good but other people happy also. You can do this in any way. Say thank you to someone by smiling when he/she does anything for you.

Stay active

Your body parts can go stale if you (your body and mind) stay still. Therefore, you need to stay active. You can go for a walk, workout at a gym, go on a holiday, read a book, do a puzzle and do household works for staying active. Alexander the Great, a philosopher and teacher, said, Happiness is the state of activity.

Forget the past

Keep in mind holding the past gives you pain. Know that the past has gone and it has nothing to do with. Therefore, forget the bad time you had. Visit a professional if you still feel hurt or you find it hard to forget your past.

Be close to nature

For being close to nature, you have to nothing. Enjoy sea, greenery, sun and sand on a beach. Visit a park, look the kids who enjoy building sandcastles or enjoy a rainy/sunny/snowy day. This will help you feel good.

Feel safe

To find happiness, you need to feel safe. You can get rid of fears you have for feeling safe, which is a basic right for anyone.

Enjoy time with your real friends

In today’s world, we have more virtual friends on social media that real one. We forget meeting and enjoying the time with our real friends. Start doing this. Take out time and be all the friends together. Friends are the people who make life worth living. Go out in the world and make at least one friend if you have no friend. Enjoy the time with him/her whenever you get the chance.

Always be ready to learn something

You keeping the books on the racks or in the almirah has no sense. They are useful when you open them to read. Like the books, your mind is worthless and you need to keep it busy. For this, you should always be ready learn something new and apply the same to make life better.

Take healthy meals and drinks

For being happy, staying healthy is essential. To stay healthy, take the meals that have all the nutritional elements – carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamin and mineral. Listen to your body and take healthy foods.

Be You

First, you need to know yourself well. Work for making improvements in you and the rest world will automatically with you.

Go with the flow

You know there is flow when you lose awareness of time. You are calm and you do not get interrupted by external thoughts/things. You stay active and work effortlessly. You are repeating the process without any hindrance.

Keep in mind time changes

Always keep in time that time is not static, it keeps changing. Good and bad times come and go. Do not get trapped when you are facing a bad time. Face it and embrace the good one with your arms open when it comes to you.

Come out of your comfort zone

Avoid being in the comfort zone whether the time is good or bad. Take risks in life and get habituated of feeling uncomfortable. This will make you face any challenges that come your way.

Keep smiling

Try to always be happy. Feeling happy makes you feel good and a smile doubles your feel-good factor. Having a smile on your face makes other happy, apart from making you feel good. Smiling is the greatest drug for being happy and hence, take so many doses of it you can do.

Meditate regularly

Start meditating from today if you are not doing. Meditation increases positivity, gives a great start to the day, helps you connect with yourself, lowers your anxiety/stress level and increases confidence.

Be honest

In fact, honesty is the best policy. Lies cover up the truth, which makes it easier for you to live your life to the fullest, without faking.

Be open to getting inspired

In this world, there are numerous things to get inspired. You just need to listen to the Universe what it is telling you and act accordingly.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself whenever you achieve something big or small. Rewarding yourself fills with your confidence and encourages you to do better and better. With this, you have the best feeling about you.

Value your time

Time is very valuable. It never comes back when the one passes. Therefore, you should value the time you get and never let it go in vain.

Do the things you love

Doing the things you love gives you a good feeling and hence, do the things that you love.

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